About Our Rates

Our rates vary depending on the type of work you require.

Microsoft Access Application Development $45 / hour
Microsoft SQL Server Database Development $45 / hour
MS Office (365) Applications $40 / hour
Web Applications $40 / hour
Web Site Building $35 / hour

About Our Contracts

Contracts outline the expectations of a project. However, a contract is not a blueprint for design. Following Agile design principles means that there is no blueprint. Requirements are gathered and documented and software created and released in iterations. The contract outlines expectations for both parties throughout that process.

Click Here to view a template for a typical contract.

Contracts can be terminated by you, the Client, at any time for any reason. The client is the legal owner of all artifacts and software created by us as long as our invoices are paid in full.

How We Track Billable Time

We want to make sure you don’t feel like you are paying for anything other than the work we do on your project. We use an app called Clockify that allows our developers to clock in and out of a project quickly and efficiently. That makes it easy for us to track our work accurately.

We do not charge for breaks, we do not charge to stretch our legs or grab a bite to eat. If we are working on your project and the phone rings, we clock out to answer it.

We can also provide you with a daily work report so you can review all work segments and what has been worked on. These reports become part of the “Artifacts” of the project.